A King’s Bornday

Today is LeBron James’ birthday. December 20th. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but LeBron turned 34. I remember him coming into the league at 18 straight out of […]

Mo’ne Davis is Gonna be a Pirate

I’m sure you guys have heard about the female phenom Mo’ne Davis. Well she is headed to Hampton to join the ranks of our Softball team. I know, I know, […]

Plays of the Week-ATL-12.13

Another week hooping in the ATL. Getting the exercise in, but I’ve really been stinking up the joint lately. Turnovers, bricks just overall terrible. Not sure what’s going on. My […]

Plays of the Week – ATL – 12.4

Found a gym in Atlanta that has a good run. Good players but more importantly, good guys. My age shows in here, but I’m gonna keep jacking up threes as […]

Holidays Are Coming – Get Your Run In

Somebody made a website showing off your favorite hoop stars as fat people. It’s pretty funny. Seeing these supreme athletes from today and yesterday as chunky guys shows off some […]

Best kicks in week 6?

Sneakers have been a major fashion statement since the beginning of hoops. Back in the day they wore the old Chuck Taylors. In my opinion they were really ugly and […]

Plays of the week 11.2

Here are a few clips from the last couple of weeks. Its great to make these videos, its good practice for me and I can get more support for ballbeforbreakfast. […]

Mamba Out

So, what are we gonna do without Kobe? The self proclaimed “Black Mamba” has walked away from the court. I’m not gonna lie, I tried to hate on Kobe for […]

McBurney YMCA Plays of the Week

Watch the video and leave your comments to who had the play of the week. Winner gets bragging rights. Big up to Ques on the music track. And you thought he […]

Undefeated on Wednesday

It happens every once in a while. You show up to the court and find yourself on an unbeatable team. Maybe it’s not a group of the best players or […]