Basketball Chatter. Good or Bad?

I just want to rant for a minute. Big man Kenny got a board yesterday and I decided to try and steal the ball with a little quickness and tenacity. […]

The game is mean James

As you may have seen on Monday Ballbeforebreakfast was in the Commonwealth of Virginia playing some roundball at the Shady Grove YMCA. Monday is the busy day in this gym. […]

Plays of the week – NYC

Good week fellas. We had many great plays, no real injuries and minimal bloodshed. Quese and Brandon got into it with some roughhousing, that’s always fun to watch. Jeff had […]

Sad Monday

You know who you are if you didn’t show up. Great job to those of you who did. Started off with only a few people. Shot around, played 21 and […]

Eat Differently

I am just getting back to home from a trip back home to VA. I had a ball.  Learned to cook on the grill (steak and chicken), drank a lot […]

To call or not to call…And 1

Here is the debate for this Friday. Calling And 1. Is it a foul call? Should you get the basket if you make it? The rule in the 14th street […]

Roberto’s rented house

Roberto played really well this morning. Some have even used the words “Game of his life” and “Dream Friday.” When asked about his current style the Puerto Rico native simply […]

Something Special in Houston?

There has been a lot of wheeling and dealing all over the NBA. Of course, everyone wants to win the championship every year so they do whatever they can in […]

HELLO KG, JT and Paul

So the draft was last night with nothing huge to report. The first pick was sort of a surprise, but I was kind of like “whatever.” Maybe that guy will […]