To call or not to call…And 1

Here is the debate for this Friday. Calling And 1. Is it a foul call? Should you get the basket if you make it? The rule in the 14th street […]

Roberto’s rented house

Roberto played really well this morning. Some have even used the words “Game of his life” and “Dream Friday.” When asked about his current style the Puerto Rico native simply […]

Something Special in Houston?

There has been a lot of wheeling and dealing all over the NBA. Of course, everyone wants to win the championship every year so they do whatever they can in […]

HELLO KG, JT and Paul

So the draft was last night with nothing huge to report. The first pick was sort of a surprise, but I was kind of like “whatever.” Maybe that guy will […]

Awesome Suits

Tonight is the draft. Some teams will get better, some teams will waste draft picks. Some teams will trade for more picks while others will trade away their picks for […]

Westward Doc

After one championship and two others that came up short (because of injuries to Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins) Doc Rivers is heading to Los Angeles to become the new […]

Miami does it again

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2013 World Basketball Champions. The Miami Heat. Does this mean that Jawan Howard has two rings? Maybe three, did he get one with Dallas? Wow and […]

This one is for all the marbles

Here we go. Tonight is for it all. Game 7. Win or go home. And this is the way its supposed to be. The two best teams playing in on […]

Ray Ray shows up in the clutch

Did you see the game last night? Wow, what a game. I am concerned with San Antonio right now. To use a boxing analogy, when you have the champ on […]